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Michelle Wie

We continue to get both letters and posts on the Michelle Wie disqualification. Here's an interesting one from former tournament director Tony Coleman:


As the former Executive Director of the Wisconsin PGA and Tournament Director of the then Greater Milwaukee Open, I've run a lot of golf tournaments.


Michelle Wie clearly made a mistake, for which she has accepted blame. The rule is clear and unequivocal, and she broke it. I would have made the same decision as the LPGA.

However, in my opinion, there is another question that is less about the rule than with tournament administration.

As a tournament director, I can tell you that my instruction to the volunteers in the scoring tent was first and foremost to be sure that before anyone left the scoring area, they got two signatures on the card. I am not blaming the volunteers in this case, but sitting across the table from the player as they hand their card in, it is hard to imagine not seeing the signature or lack thereof. However, having a tour official (as I understand the PGA TOUR, USGA and PGA do) takes the pressure off the volunteers and almost assures that unless the player intends not to sign the card, it will be signed. It would be a travesty, for instance, if a Ochoa or Sorenstam played a great third round in a major championship, came to the scoring tent, checked their card for accuracy, signed the other player's card and then for whatever reason, somehow did not sign their own card and was disqualified.

So, with one official question, "Are there two signatures?", this type of incident could be avoided. That would be good for the player, for the fans, for the tournament organizers and for the LPGA.

Well said, Tony. Geoff Shackelford posts a memo from LPGA Commissioner Carolyn Bivens today, for its account of things.

--Bob Carney