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Michael Jackson's "Neverland Ranch" gets $33 million discount, has ample room for golf course development

March 01, 2017

As far as we know, Michael Jackson never played golf. That would explain why there isn't a single flagstick to be seen on his famed "Neverland Ranch" despite it having ample room for up to 16 full-sized courses.

Now called "Sycamore Valley Ranch" (Eh, we liked Neverland better), the sprawling property located in the Santa Ynez Valley -- about 40 miles from Santa Barbara -- is back on the market. And if you're a big fan of The King Of Pop who also happens to have a big wallet, you're in luck; The Wall Street Journal reports the price has been slashed by $33 million.

Owned jointly by the Jackson estate and real-estate investment trust Colony NorthStar, Jackson's former home is now being listed by Coldwell Banker's Joyce Rey for $67 million after failing to sell at the original ask of $100 million when it went on the market two years ago. The amusement park rides and most of the exotic animals Jackson brought in are gone. However, there's still a train station, train tracks (but no train), a 12,000-square-foot main house, a separate four-bedroom guest house and a movie theater.

More importantly, there's 2,700 acres -- that's right, ACRES -- of beautiful rolling terrain, including a mountain named Katherine after Jackson's mom. Yep, that $67 million includes you getting your own mountain. You can't, um, beat it.

With the average golf course consisting of 160 acres according to the American Society of Golf Course Architects, that means there's room to build nearly 17 courses. OK, so that number is a little high because you'd have to work around the mountain.

But seriously, tell us you couldn't turn this into one heck of a golf resort:

And how about this for a clubhouse?

So. . . you wanna be startin' something?