Michael Allen: 'What could happen in one second?'

May 25, 2009

A lot, where LeBron James is concerned.

Michael Allen, who won the Senior PGA Championship in his Champions Tour debut outside Cleveland on Sunday, was at the Cavaliers-Orlando game Friday night, but left with the Magic ahead by two with one second left.

"Yes, I left the building with one second left," Allen told the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. "What could happen in one second? So I didn't see [James's] shot. We were outside, but we heard the explosion inside, and all the bars around there exploded about four and five seconds later and I'm like, 'What happened?'"

James, as most know by now, his a three-pointer from the top of the key at the buzzer to give the Cavaliers the victory.

Apparently, it was the only notable error Allen made all week.

-- John Strege