Meet "Chubs," a gigantic gator living on a Texas golf course -- and the woman who caught him

November 19, 2015

The members at River Pointe Golf Club in Richmond, Texas, were used to gators on their course. But 12-foot gator/monsters? That's a different story.

According to, the "gator squad" was called in on Wednesday to get this exceptionally large reptile off the premises.


In addition to its length, the gator weighs between 600-700 pounds and was given the name "Chubs" -- not to be confused with Happy Gilmore's "Chubbs" character who lost his hand to a gator. Christy Kroboth, aka "Gator Girl," who was already somewhat of a local legend for wrangling a similar-sized gator named "Godzilla" at a nearby shopping mall, was again part of the capture. Here's a video of that encounter:

Gator Girl doesn't mess around.

"I was able to walk up to him, put a rope on him, he went into the death roll thing, tried to jump in the water, tried to take me for a little swim but all in all we were able to pull him out, pull him back on shore, calm him down," Kroboth said.

Chubs was then taken off the course on a tractor and loaded onto the back of a pick-up truck. He barely fit. Sadly, Chubs can't be let back into the wild since he only has one eye. Instead, the plan is to take him to a farm where he'll join Godzilla and several other gators. We wish you well, Chubs.