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Matt Lauer to Tiger: 'Your Whole Body Has Changed'

August 28, 2007

Tiger Woods is in New York City today to promote the latest version of his EA Sports video game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008, and to ring The Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange with Deutsche Bank CEO Seth Waugh.

Tiger's day began at NBC's "Today" show, where host Matt Lauer opened his five-minute interview with a couple of questions about Tiger's physique.

Matt Lauer: You were here a couple of years ago on the show, and I haven't seen you in that time. You have gotten . . . Your whole body has changed! Are you working out that much harder now than you did a few years ago?

Tiger Woods: No, I'm just gettin' fat. [Laughs.]

Lauer: It's not fat. I'm talking about muscle. When you first walked in, I thought, That's like one of his security guards here. You're much bigger!

Woods: I am a little bit, yeah.

Lauer: How much do you weigh today versus couple of years ago?

Woods: Probably about seven to 10 pounds heavier.

Lauer: And is this all about preventing injuries? I mean are you working out as hard as you're working out not only to be fresh in Round 4 of a major tournament, but to not let injuries derail your career goals.

Woods: Well, the thing is to be consistent each and every day. That's the thing. Over time I've kind of naturally just filled out. I guess, 31 now. Kind of right around that time when metabolism slows down just a little bit.

Lauer: Are you wearing tighter shirts on tour, too? Come on. [Laughs.]

Woods: Yeah, you know, I've gone to extra small. [Laughs.]

Later, after telling Tiger that the PGA Tour needs him a lot more than Tiger needs the tour, Lauer asks him about skipping The Barclays at Westchester.

Click on the Tiger photo at to view the video from "Today" of the interview. If Tiger's photo is no longer on "Today's" home page, click on Video from Today and find it in "This Week's Highlights."

--Craig Bestrom