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Matt Kuchar describes the beatdown he gave Jordan Spieth on the Ping-Pong table

October 09, 2014

It wasn't a great Ryder Cup for the United States. But while the Europeans may lay claim over the trophy yet again, it's American Matt Kuchar who remains king of the ping-pong table.

At his Open press conference on Wednesday, Kuchar was asked about the Ryder Cup's ping-pong situation. Turns out that Bubba Watson has a "weak backhand" and that young Jordan Spieth was a little too eager in his attempts to dethrone Kuch: "he knew what he was going to get."

Here's his full response:

"You know, we played mostly doubles. I think Jordan Spieth was the one guy that challenged me to singles, and he got what he knew he was going to get. But it was a lot of fun just to . . . with the amount of doubles happening because there's, again, the team atmosphere of it, and there's so many more people involved, so we had a lot of fun.> >__> >

> >Bubba Watson has claimed me every year as his partner, and it works out really well. Bubba is an average player with zero backhand, only a forehand, and we take on kind of the best, and Bubba and I blend well and have competitive matches, and then for our short stint I took Phil and Phil was so excited to have me as his partner. But that was fun playing with Phil. But no, no surprises.> >> >

__> >Jordan is good, Zach is good, Phil is good. They're kind of the next three guys."

Matt Kuchar is notoriously good at ping-pong. In his "My Shot" in the April issue of Golf Digest, he revealed how sometimes he lets his opponents drift to a three-point lead late in the game, only to turn on the heat and beat them anyway.

Here's a brief video of Matt Kuchar playing ping-ping, courtesy of the The Indianapolis Star: