Masters 2021

Masters 2021: There’s now an algorithm that will you tell you how many of your puny little drives it will take to reach Augusta National


Ben Walton

Modern technology has changed the trajectory of our species. We can now track our heart rate (and spin rate), pay our credit card, order a pizza, and book a vacation all from the same 5 x 3 inch piece of plastic. It’s incredible and terrifying all at once. But if you ever found yourself wondering why, despite all these mobile innovations, you still couldn’t calculate how many of your pathetic little tee shots it would take to reach Augusta National from wherever you were standing on the face of God’s beautiful green earth at that very second, we have good news:

Now you can.

Part of an initiative by Wheels Up (the Uber of private jets, in case you’re not soaring in that heady socio-economic airspace), Fly UP and Drive requires only two simple pieces of information. First, you average drive distance. That is calculated by writing down the first number that pops into your head and then subtracting 15 yards. Next, enter your home address, or point of embarkation. Then just click the handy “Grip It and Rip It” button and voila, you now know how many drives it will take you to get to Augusta National.

What does all this have to do with private air travel? Well, after you’ve discovered that your arms would fall off and children grow old before you were ever able hack your way to the Masters, Wheels Up then offers a couple of air alternatives to speed things up. You might not be able to afford them, but we do know this:

You can’t put a price on deluding yourself about your golf game.