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Masters 2018: These Masters-viewing setups are works of art

April 06, 2018

The Masters has long been one of the greatest viewing spectacles in sports. How golf fans consume the tournament has evolved a tremendous amount over time, thanks in large part to live-streaming and AI technology. (Confession: Watching shot-tracer following Tiger's power-draw 3-wood into the fairway on the 10th tee on Thursday might've led me to shed a tear.)

These technological advances have enabled us to devour all-things Masters on more screens and multiple devices and forms of media. You might not be fortunate enough to ever score a ticket to the house that Jones and Mackenzie built, but thanks to, CBS and ESPN, we now have a plethora of options to satisfy our Masters cravings, all from the comfort of our couches.

It has now become a work of art—and a point of pride among golf fans—to set up the perfect Masters-viewing theatre. We asked our followers on Instagram and Twitter to share an image of how they watch the Masters, and they did not disappoint. Have a look at our favorites:

Look at that symmetry. And kudos to Tony for being a stick! I maybe sniffed 70 thru about 14 holes last November. Although, we'd like to see an updated GHIN card. 2005 is a pretty long time ago.

You're right, Aubrey: Nothing excessive here. You can never watch the Masters on too many screens (just be careful not to share your WiFi password with any bandwidth-sucking neighbors who don't like golf). We sincerely hope you have the highest of hi-speed Internet packages with all that going on.

None of our professors were ever this cool.

The aesthetic here is on another level. Ryan's made excellent use of his coffee monitor table, and decorated it by draping Masters flags. A nice touch with the cup, too. Cheers, Ryan.

Gotta love the classic office multi-tasking setup. Inbox on the left, the Masters on the right. Respect.

Bonus points for the pimento-cheese sandwich! (Here's how you can make your own.)

The minimalist vibe, plus the craft beer, means no distractions. This guy's locked in, and we love it.

Remember, you are watching a game. Kick back, relax, and enjoy.

While you're viewing the Masters and catching the golf bug from your own cozy setup, be sure to check out Golf Digest All Access, where you can learn from many of the same instructors teaching the pros at the top of those famous white leaderboards at Augusta National. Happy Masters viewing, everyone!