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Manny Pacquiao receives golf clubs before big fight

April 04, 2014

__Manny Pacquiao is gearing up for a big fight on April 12th. So Callaway sent him some golf clubs. Chad Coleman, social media front man at Callaway and Odyssey, tweeted this photo of Manny today. The boxing phenom's bag consists of a Big Bertha Alpha driver (the same driver Phil Mickelson's playing), Big Bertha 3 and 5 woods, X2 Hot hybrids, Apex Irons, Mack Daddy 2 wedges, and an Odyssey White Hot Pro #1 putter.

According the Coleman, the clubs were delivered to Pacquiao on April 4th in Vegas. Pacquiao is there training for his much-anticipated fight against Tim Bradley. Makes you wonder why none of the Rocky movies involved golf in the training montages…