Just Relax, Bro

This grown man (with his glove on) throwing a hissy fit over a foul ball is one of the most hilariously sad videos you'll ever see

It's been debated amongst baseball fans for decades - what is the age cut-off for bringing a glove to a baseball game? Most normal folks would say 12 or 13. Once you get to high school, it's time to do away with childish things.

Others would argue that there is no age limit for mitt-wearing at the stadium, and despite them being very wrong, they are entitled to that opinion. 

But I'm not sure how you could watch the video below and ever argue that again, because this is just about the saddest thing you'll ever see, and a sneaky hilaruous way. Watch this Brewers fan/grown man, wearing a damn first baseman's glove, throw a legitimate hissy fit over not getting a foul ball in a completely empty Great American Ballpark during a Reds game:  

Holy cringe. If you stayed for the end, you saw the video somehow get embarrassingly worse when a damn kid gave old guy a ball because he was crying so much. And he accepted it! Just an all around shocking video from start to finish. 

The irony of all this is that a woman holding her freaking baby easily snatched a foul ball bare-handed at a packed Padres game on Wednesday. This Brewers fan had all the time and space in the world, and, let us remind you, A FIRST BASEMAN'S GLOVE, and still couldn't get the job done. No wonder he was so mad.