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Maltbie & Cink

February 25, 2008

Kentuckian Ed Radjunas declares an unnecessary roughness penalty on Roger Maltbie for his post-round interview with Stewart Cink at the Match Play.

"Rude / discourteous" are the words that best describe Roger Maltbie's interview with Stewart Cink following the final round of the Accenture Tournament this Sunday p.m.

RM: "How does it feel to be on the #1 tee with the #1 player in the world and know he is better than you and playing better golf than you?"

Very un-professional, condescending and rude for an amateur announcer; not to mention embarrassing for Cink!!

Ed, I didn't see it, having abandoned the match when Tiger got nine up. (Be interested in the views of those who did). But I think the defeat itself hurt Cink more than any interview, rude or otherwise. There's only one way to avoid this kind of pain while earning--what was it, $800,000? Play better.

--Bob Carney