Make The Turn Challenge 8: Fire Up Your On Switch

May 05, 2014

How many times can you recall hitting a terrible shot and then saying to yourself, *"I knew that was going to happen!?" *If you've played golf for any period of time, it's probably happened more than you care to remember. Conversely, you've probably also had just the opposite occur. Can you go back to a moment when everything seemed perfect, where you knew you were going to crush that drive or sink a putt and you did?

What is it that makes one shot agony and the other pure ecstasy? Aside from golf being a difficult game where a few sideways shots are inevitable, the secret to your success might be in your ability to capture or better yet consistently "produce" that can't-miss feeling.


The key is understanding the coolness associated with high-level mental performance. That is, embracing the fact that the "feeling" is something that's entirely controlled by you. Even cooler is the fact that the ideas you DECIDE to entertain don't even have to be based in reality, as long as they produce the result of an elevated mood. The formula is simple. Get pumped and then swing away. What gets you fired up? Hey, that's up to you. Let your imagination run wild and you'll find an unlimited number of ways to ignite your can't-miss mindset.

It's more important to "feel" powerful than it is to be powerful and that feeling comes from right between your ears. This challenge is a lot of fun, but also requires a strong commitment to complete. Prove to yourself that you can mentally fire up your "on switch" on every shot for 18 holes and you can count this mindset challenge as complete.


Increased Likelihood of Success

More Fun

Better Shots *

Jeff Ritter is the CEO/Founder of__ MTT Performance__. The program operates out of Poppy Hills Golf Course in Pebble Beach, Calif. Follow him on Twitter at @mttgolf*