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Make The Turn Challenge #17: Hit for the cycle

July 08, 2014

By Jeff Ritter __

__The entire premise behind high-level golf is the ability to demonstrate control over the golf ball. In practice, I'd say most golfers are looking to create and feel solid "contact" but very few are actually working to understand and experience the factors associated with control.


If you really want to raise that "Golf IQ" I often refer to in these weekly blog posts, this MTT challenge will certainly do the trick. To "hit for the cycle" simply means that during any given practice session you prove the ability to hit pretty much any shot. In the video, the goal is to start by learning how to produce a draw, fade and on-line hit. If you wanted to make this exercise even tougher, however, you could also include creating the same flight patterns in low, medium and high trajectories as well.

This is one of those Ben Hogan, "dig it out of the dirt" kind of practice routines that really forces you to learn something. It's about imagination, feel, and above all educating yourself in the factors that control ball flight. If you're someone who gets a little overly technical in an attempt to develop your version of a  perfect swing, this is also great way to infuse some freedom and creativity back into your game.

If you can do this, there's no doubt you can really play. Prove that you have the skill to shift your ball flight at will, and you can count this MTT challenge as complete! __


Increased Golf IQImproved shotmaking ability Develop self-coaching skills