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MacKenzie Walker adds waxed cotton golf bags to its line

November 15, 2012

The MacKenzie Walker Golf Bag Company, which has its roots in hand-crafted leather carry bags that pay homage to the history of the game (and hence were the bags used in the film "Golf in the Kingdom"), has a new offering constructed of waxed cotton.

"We can't help ourselves when we come across classic ideas," MacKenzie Walker President Todd Rohrer said. Rohrer said he received a phone call from a customer in the United Kingdom, who asked why the company wasn't making the bag in waxed cotton.

Rohrer found a company in New Jersey, "a seventh generation fabric finishing company," he said, its quality "just as good as can be found anywhere in the world, and it's a USA fabric. I love that we are USA made."

The bag shown above was the first MacKenzie Walker waxed cotton bag made and belongs to a member of Garden City Golf Club in Garden City, N.Y. Rohrer was having the bag made for himself, when the Garden City member, a customer, checked in and asked what the company was up to. Rohrer wound up shipping the bag, complete with Garden City Golf Club logo, to the member.

The waxed cotton bag retails for $495, substantially cheaper than the leather bags ($735). The company also offers a MacKenzie Ballistic Walker ($275). The bags can be ordered through the company's website.