LSU took Alabama's dignity and is now trying to take its recruits

November 11, 2019

Alabama had a bad Saturday. The Crimson Tide lost, 46-41, in Tuscaloosa in this year's LSU versus Alabama death match and is potentially on the outside looking in when the College Football Playoffs come around. This was certainly not part of the bargain that Nick Saban made with the devil, and the worst might be yet to come.

As the game reached its fitful conclusion, LSU stars—most notably Grant Delpit, Marcel Brooks and Thaddeus Moss (son of one Randy Moss)—trotted over to the Alabama potential recruits and told them to rethink where they want to play college football in the near future.

Although we can't hear what the players are saying, the expressions and swagger have that quintessential trash-talk look that we all know, love and fear. In perhaps the best game of the season (so far, of course), the Tigers played smashmouth, hard-nosed football, and it only makes sense that they would keep the same energy after the 60 minutes on the field concluded.

We won't actually know whether this changes the minds of any of Alabama's (most-likely) five-star recruits, but it is just another example of LSU taking control of the SEC in a way that we haven't seen in quite some time. Perhaps the Crimson Tide's supremacy in the conference is slipping a bit. Hopefully, we get to witness another LSU versus Alabama game this season.

Nick Saban will have to make a point of sacrificing only the best goats to gain the dark lord's favor once again.