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LPGA English Policy: More Letters

September 02, 2008

The LPGA English-language policy continues to be a hot topic with media and our readers alike. Here are two of the latest letters, both supporting Commissioner Carolyn Bivens:


At the risk of being labled a bigot, I applaud the LPGA in taking a stand regarding English being the language of the AMERICAN LPGA. I only wish Congress had the gumption to do the same. If an American moved to any other foreign country, they would not be coddled to, but would have to learn the language spoken there.>

Ray Pinkley>

Port Orange, FL>

If one pays anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 to play in a pro am with a LPGA pro they should expect to be able to at the very least to hold a conversation with their pro partner before,during and after the round..>

Gene Martineau>



Meanwhile, several players have questioned the rule, including, today, Lorena Ochoa, who called it "a little drastic," though declined to classify it as "discriminatory."

For her part, Commissioner Bivens defends the new policy in this week's Golf World, telling Ron Sirak: "I can't imagine that someone who has thought this through does not realize that in opposing this measure they are penalizing the very people they are trying to help."

What do you think?

--Bob Carney