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Los Angeles Dodgers hold closest-to-the-pin contest from home plate, are now overwhelming World Series favorites

August 23, 2021

Unless you're from Los Angeles it's become impossible to root for the Dodgers. No franchise has ever thrown money around like L.A. has in recent years—and I say this as a Yankees fan. It's too much!

But as both the Dodgers and Yankees have proven, money can buy you championship rings even if it can't buy team chemistry. Fortunately in baseball, you don't need too much of it, though, and besides, there are plenty of ways to improve in that area.

Which leads us to the purpose of this post. Apparently, in addition to leading Major League Baseball in payroll ($267 million!), the defending World Series champs are also tops in team building. And exhibit (L)A is what happened on Sunday.

To determine the first pick in the team's fantasy football draft (first of all, the fact they even do a fantasy football draft is pretty awesome), the team had a closest-to-the-pin contest. From home plate. And Cody Bellinger proved his sweet swing transfers to the golf course as well.

OK, so that's pretty awesome. This might be the most likeable baseball team money can buy. Good luck to anyone trying to beat them this fall.