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Looks like Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. got his right foot from his dad

Portugal v Algeria - International Friendly


Most of humanity spends their formative years running from their gene pool, dodging dad's hardwired road rage and mom's Thanksgiving guilt trips along the way. When you're dad is Cristiano Ronaldo, however, you grab that double helix and wring it for every last drop of DNA. Just ask Cristiano Jr., who took the field after Portugal's 3-0 friendly victory on Thursday afternoon to prove that he is definitely a chip of the old block, sweeping a fabulous free quick into the top corner with a right foot that looks a hell of a lot like dad's:

But while the finish is special, CR senior's reaction is even better, beaming with pride and the recognition of his own endearingly cocky self in his eldest son. Even if you can't stand Ronaldo (looking at you Barça, fans), there's just no resisting this:


With Father's Day on the way, this video is both a heartwarming celebration of fatherhood and a timely reminder that no matter what you do, you'll always end up becoming your dad. Luckily for this little pint-sized Pelé, pops just so happens to be the greatest (most famous) athlete on planet earth.