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Local Knowledge From The Beverage-Cart Girl

June 11, 2009

Age: 23

College: Oregon State '08

Golf course: Crosswater in Bend, Ore. (; 541-593-4402; $175 on weekends; 4.5 stars).

Golf game: "You don't want to put anything about my golf game in there. I can drive the cart, and I like the driving range, but this course is too long for me."

Hobbies and interests: Cloepfil is a three-time Oregon State intramural skeet-shooting champion. She likes farming, camping, four-wheelers and hunting. "I like anything that's outdoors. My dad takes me pheasant and duck hunting all the time. I love it."

Tip jar: "The best day by myself has been $90. But I made $160 on a day when we pooled the tips."

Local knowledge: "My favorite bar in Bend is Bo Bar. And when it's hot, my friends and I like to float on inner tubes down the Deschutes River."

Status: Easy, boys. Cloepfil has had a boyfriend for almost four years.

As I go from course to course, lakes to driving schools, zip-lines to water parks, I'll continue to profile caddies, superintendents, starters, guides and beverage-cart girls. If they have a story, I'll pass it on.

--Matty G.