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Listen: Tiger Woods interview on ESPN Radio

November 18, 2010

If you were expecting Tiger Woods to bare his soul in his interview on ESPN Radio Thursday morning, then perhaps you haven't been paying attention to how carefully Woods has navigated through this treacherous 2010 season.

Quick to admit his mistakes and to genuflect on the merits of leading a simpler life, Woods, as has been the case all season, was still reluctant to delve into too much detail. As a guest for 30 minutes on the morning show "Mike and Mike" with Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg, Woods again made reference to straying from his core values and how grateful he is for his kids, but he was also as maddeningly vague as he's been all season -- and really, for much of his career.

Which is not to say there weren't at least a few telling moments. For one, when Woods was asked how he would broach this part of his life with daughter Sam and son Charlie one day, he said he would have no choice but to tell the truth. Then there was a question about Woods' celebrated former running mates Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan. Asked how much contact he had with them in the wake of his scandal, Woods seemed to hint they were no longer part of his closest circle of friends, but that he "still talked to them."

The entire interview can be heard here.

*-- Sam Weinman