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Leaning "No" on Zinger

August 19, 2008

The Ryder Cup sniping has begun. The problem is, it's not all trans-Atlantic. Mike McAlpine of Lousiana, an American state, finds serious fault with U.S. Captain Paul Azinger's comments in our September issue.


Sure hope I'm the only one, but I thought Azinger came across as a complete jerk in your September issue. Bitterness and jealousy colored every remark. And his complaint about Faldo at the Open was positively girlish. This runner-up has his feelings hurt because the winner didn't comfort him enough? Maybe he expected a hug and note? Good God, the man's self-absorption is unlimited.


Golf may be a gentleman's game but clearly not all who play it are gentlemen. I'm rooting for the American side, of course. But Faldo's a winner already and "Zinger" is a loser.

Mike, are you a Longshoreman? I want you in my fox hole.

I, too, was surprised at the Muirfield remark about Faldo: "I had led the entire week and I confess that it hurt a little that he wasn't more consoling." I would think Zinger had forgotten by now who he'd lost to, so he could focus on why he didn't hit his drive at 17 on Sunday into the merchandise tent instead of the into bunker that did him in. (Could have used Seve's caddy there). Remember, too, that up until that point Faldo was known as Foldo in the tabloids, and probably carried that chip on his shoulder down 18.

On the other hand, in the gentlemanly department, Faldo needs no hugs or kisses, either. Er, that may have come out right...

--Bob Carney