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Leaning "No" on Twitter

May 13, 2009

*Twitter is increasingly making its mark in golf, 140 characters at a time....*Golf World, May 4, 2009



Dear Editor,>

Puhleeze, Twitter on Tour? Just what we need, more people carrying their self-important communication devices to disrupt decorum while they urgently find out what Stewart Cink had for lunch !>

In the post-Tiger crush to "grow the game" what has been gained? "New fans" now come to tournaments and think it's "getting their money's worth" to shout at the top of their lungs, a nano-second after impact, "get in the hole", just as some idiot did Sunday at the Player's just after Tiger struck his tee shot on 18 ! "Get in the hole" on a tee shot ?!>

Is the backwards-hat, tattoo crowd really what the game needed? Now Twitter and instantaneous communication about meaningless "factoids" ? Golf used to be different. People behaved themselves, respected etiquette and tradition. Golf brought out the best in people: honesty, work, acheivement, consideration for others. One can only hope that we can hold on to that heritage in the face of the "demands" of the public to diminish all that was once good and different about our game. >

Jay Lawrence>

Ft. Myers, FL >


Jay, I would only point out that growing the game and Twitter need not live in the same bucket. Growing the game means pointing out what a great sport it is, what a sublime escape from the rat race it is, what a wonderful walk it is. And that makes you fitter, not Twitter.

--Bob Carney