Milk does a golf swing good

May 27, 2008

The start of the golf swing is the first link in the chain. If that link is weak, you have no foundation for a good swing. The club, hands and body should move together as you start back. Sometimes too much tension or the impulse to take the club away with only the hands can throw the swing off track. Try this drill to feel a unified takeaway.

Address a ball with an iron, and place a half-full milk jug or carton lengthwise behind the clubhead (above). If you're a bachelor, I'm sure you've got a carton of milk in the fridge that expired about two months ago. Rinse it out, and fill it halfway with water.

To take the club back and push the milk container along the correct swing path, which is slightly inside the target line, you have to move the club, hands and body together. If you go back too quickly or start with only your hands, the container won't move back on the correct swing path.

Push the carton back on the right path several times, getting a feel for the one-piece takeaway. Fix this link, and your whole swing will improve.

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