Wind up for more power

December 04, 2007

PULL FOR POWER: Grab your left side with your right hand and pull it away from the target.

To make a good backswing, you have to do more than just turn your shoulders and hips. For real power, the midsection -- the area from the sternum to the pelvis -- has to wind up and coil.

A good drill to help train your midsection to rotate away from the target is to hold the club with your left hand only and grab your left side just below the rib cage with your right hand. Then make a motion where your right hand pulls your left side away from the target. It should feel as if you're winding and stretching as your left arm swings back. This exercise gives you the coil you need to make a powerful backswing and encourages a wide swing arc, setting up a strong move into the ball.

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