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Decking the Halls (of Fame)

December 09, 2009

LAS VEGAS--Ducked in the NGCA annual convention at Bally's Resort that's going on simultaneously with the GCAA convention at the Riviera Hotel. Like the men's coaches, the women's group was more gathering than ground breaking. There's no momentum for following the guys and changing the format of the NCAA Championship to match play. And while a year ago the discussion about potentially abopting a ".500 rule" seem was lively, the same wasn't the case this time around. Mid-major schools seem to like the idea but haven't figured out a way to argue their case so as to gain a majority.

There were a few odds and ends from the meetings. The NGCA committee that oversees the Hall of Fame selection process approved the creation of a points criteria that will be used to determine future inductees. A points criteria will also be in place for selecting players for induction. Additionally, the committee voted to allow players who did not graduate from college to be eligible for selection. This will allow some prominent players who choose to leave school early (Annika Sorenstam,Lorena Ochoa to name but two) a chance to have their brief but outstanding college careers recognized.

Speaking of Hall of Fames, it sounds like the GCAA is seriously considering adding a players section to its HofF along with a contributors category. Nothing is official, but multiple members of the National Advisory Board noted that expansion plans were discussed during meetings at the convention. More research is necessary as to what type of criteria is needed to be eligible for either category, putting the time line for the first inductees off for at least a few years. I've been on the record as very much in favor of adding players to the GCAA Hall so I think a move in that direction would be fantastic for college golf.