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Lamkin's golf grips accommodate change

December 16, 2011

One would think that grips have reached their evolutionary conclusion. One would be wrong, to with Lamkin Grips' 2012 line that includes a new grip specifically for adjustable clubs, the REL 3GEN 360.

Adjustability in clubs has become de rigueur, Callaway Golf the latest to join the adjustable fray with its new RAZR Fit driver. The new Lamkin grip is orientation-free, with no logos or alignment marks. Whatever position the clubhead is set in (open, square or closed), the symmetrical grip is in the proper position. It's a small thing, perhaps, but useful for today's equipment. It sells for $6.49 a grip.

Lamkin also has released a new wedge grip, the Performance Plus 3GEN, that is an inch longer than standard, to accommodate choking down on the wedge without having to grip steel. It also features two of what the company calls buttons, down toward the end of the grip, to guide you in placing your hands in the exact same position every time. The cost is $9.99 per grip.

Finally, Lamkin introduced grips for a weak economy, the X10, $4.99 each to facilitate changing your grips at a more affordable price.

-- John Strege