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Kyle Lograsso

April 12, 2007

__A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved.

-- Kurt Vonnegut, 1922-2007__

Of the dozens of letters we get suggesting stories, this one was among the most straightforward, polite and brief:

"__Hello, Sir, I wanted to email an amazing story of a four-year-old golfer. I think it is truly a heartwarming story and you won't regret taking the three minutes to view it. Golf is a fantastic sport and I am so glad my son was given this gift...My husband and I are new to the sport but we think it's important to let people know that even with disabilities such as this, God compensates you in other ways."

Thank you, Regina Lograsso__

The e-mail came to Andrew Katcher in our public relations department and he passed it along to editor Ron Kaspriske and assistant managing editor Alan Pittman. What resulted was one of the most inspiring stories we've run in the 23 years I've been with Golf Digest. It was the Kyle Lograsso story that ran in the May issue, Dave Kindred's moving piece about 4-year-old boy who has fought cancer in both eyes, driven by an obsession to be the next Tiger Woods.

Juding by the dozens of letters we're getting from readers, it struck a deep chord. Here's one that arrived this morning, in 14-point type and boldface from Jason in South Carolina: "Just wanted to say... 'WOW... what an amazing story!"  I absolutely loved the article in the May Issue.  I myself, too, am a Cancer Survivor, & just to hear that someone else has been blessed by GOD & cured of their cancer, is truly amazing. I wish all the best for young Kyle & his parents, for I know how difficult it was for my parents as they went through the same feelings as Kyle's did. Just like young Kyle, I am chasing my Golf dream too. I know he will do great. Good luck Kyle!   God Bless & God Speed!  :O)"

We also got an offer from John Eppling of Scratch Golf: __"We specialize in hand-made custom wedges and irons.  I just finished reading your article about Kyle.  What an awesome kid!!  It would be an honor for me to make a wedge for Kyle.  We normally don't do a lot of left handed clubs, or Jr clubs for that matter, but I do have a few heads that will work just great for him.  It would be our first JR lefty club."  __

For Dave Kindred, who wrote the story, and Michael Lebrecht, who took the photos and called Kyle "a natural" in front of the camera, it's also been an unforgettable experience. Dave tells of meeting Kyle's parents: __"Jeff and Regina were thrilled from the start that we would care about Kyle. They saw the photography and interview as something fun for their boy, an unexpected gift, almost a reward, for having endured all the scary stuff and come out the other side laughing, smiling, and hitting golf balls by the hour. On the way to their townhouse, I got lost several times -- thanks, MapQuest -- so Regina, by phone, talked me through the streets of Perkasie and had sandwiches and cookies waiting when I finally got un-lost. I offered to let them read my column early, but they said they wanted to wait to see it with the photographs in the magazine. And when they saw it, Jeff told Matt Ginella, our photo editor, 'I read the story 8 times in 20 minutes and cried every time.' He later told me the same thing."


To watch video of Kyle's swing,__ click here.__

-- Bob Carney

Photo: Michael J. Lebrecht II/1 Deuce 3__