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Kyle Brandt continues rare sports pundit streak of being good at his job, rips "Corona Tough Guys"

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This may shock you to hear, but 'Good Morning Football' host Kyle Brandt is actually good at his job. In a sea of Skip Bayless rehashes and Stephen A. Smith reboots who can't tell a punter from a linebacker, Brandt has managed to blend fire-y energy and sound analysis into one of the more reliable talking head brands in sports. Plus he has one hell of a Wolf of Wall Street monologue in his locker, which counts for something . . .

On Thursday morning, Brandt continued his winning streak with some far more serious fare in the Coronavirus, which popped like a bad zit on the sports world's face on Wednesday night. If you're still doubting the validity of this thing, tune out the President and turn up Kyle "Voice of Reason" Brandt:

Seriously, listen to Kyle, people. Denying a known and fatal disease does not make you a hardo, it makes you an idiot. Contrary to the popular belief of fathers across the globe, hard work, fresh air, and rubbing a little dirt on it is not going to cure COVID-19 or stop you from spreading it to anyone unfortunate enough to have shake your stupid hand on a daily basis. In fact, unlike like the flu, which the virus has been regularly compared to, it can't be cured because, UNLIKE THE FLU, we don't have a vaccine for it yet.

So shoutout to Kyle, unlike the NCAA, MLB, PGA Tour, Rudy Gobert, and the White House, for being on the right side of this thing from the start. Someone give this man a raise . . . or at the very least some hand sanitizer.