Kyle Berkshire tries to blast shot with persimmon driver, sends golf club into orbit instead

September 21, 2023

Among his long list of long drive accomplishments, Kyle Berkshire holds the record for fastest club speed (165.8 MPH!) and fastest ball speed (239.7 MPH!). But on Wednesday he may have set a more unofficial record. And he did it by accident.

Berkshire was out filming #content for his various platforms when he decided to try teeing one up with a persimmon driver. We've seen golfers from time to time attempt shots with old equipment, including Berkshire's buddy Bryson DeChambeau recently at the U.S. Amateur, but Berkshire wielding an antique club would be quite the site.

But in his attempt to send another golf ball into the stratosphere, he wound up launching the relic into orbit. Have a look:

Wow. Apparently the club's grips are a few decades old as well.

How about that sound of the driver wooshing through the air? It sounds like a huge helicopter is about to land.

Anyway, we're uncertain where the club landed, but we're pretty sure it went farther than most weekend hackers' drives do.