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Kourtney Kardashian played glow in the dark mini golf

September 02, 2015

Usually when one of the Kardashians tweets out something it’s like ok, cool, we can’t all vacation in St. Barts, thanks for making us jealous.

But this last tweet from Kourtney Kardashian is something we can relate to.

Kourtney was playing golf in the dark -- well, not quite golf, technically mini golf. But that’s pretty close.

She was at the gaming facility Glow Zone in Los Angeles, where they have an 18-hole mini golf course that’s completely in the dark -- except for the glowing obstacles.

This is the part where we could make a joke about how Kourtney could be picking up the game, fast tracking for a spot in celebrity Pro-Am’s. But seeing as Caitlyn Jenner is a really good player, the thought of Kourtney picking up the game isn’t that far fetched.