Kobe Bryant puts middle schooler on blast for going to dance recital instead of game, is a ruthless coach

September 11, 2019

Shaquille O'Neal isn't the only basketball player whose commitment to winning has been called out by Kobe Bryant in recent years. Turns out, the five-time NBA champ wasn't happy when one of the middle school girls he coaches missed a game for a dance recital. Apparently, the Mamba isn't a fan of the rumba.

It seems the unnamed youngster, a teammate of one of Bryant's daughters, made this choice two years ago. But on Wednesday, Kobe called her out for that decision on Instagram, because a tenet of "Mamba Mentality" is being able to hold a grudge. Even against a sixth grader.


HOWEVAH, Bryant edited/softened the caption a bit later, going on to praise the young lady's current work ethic (Take notes, Shaq). Here's the updated post:

Regardless of what version of the post you read, there's so much good stuff in there. In addition to the swipe at the girl for choosing dance over ball—a sin to the "BALL IS LIFE" crew—how about Bryant putting winners in quotes? And how about those frowns? Seems pretty obvious Kobe coached his players to be disgusted with finishing fourth. Heck, we're surprised he didn't have the kids smash their participation trophies to bits for the photo.

But it sounds like this girl has gotten her priorities straight, and the Mambas (Yes, the team is called the MAMBAS) are absolutely annihilating teams now. Check out this result from a couple days ago:

115 to 27?! Apparently, there's no mercy rule in this league. Clearly, Kobe and the Mambas are out for blood (Mamba mentality!). And nothing—especially not a dance recital—is going to stop them.