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Kissing the Cup

September 25, 2007

Dennis1, responding the FedEx Cup suggestions post here takes us to task for not covering Tiger's final "snub" of Tim Finchem at the closing ceremonies:

"Am I the only one that noticed the snub Tiger Woods gave Tim Finchem during the presentation of the Fed Ex Cup. Finchem handed the cup to Tiger and said that it had never been kissed, implying that Tiger should kiss the cup. Tiger looked at the cup but wouldn't kiss it. This was Tiger's way of showing his disdain for the way the FedEx Cup was crammed down their throats. I thought it was intended for all of us to see the tension between Tiger and Finchem. I Haven't seen any mention of this in magazines orsports pages. Are you guys afraid to print this story?"

Dennis, we're not afraid. I spoke to a couple of our guys on tour and got a mixed message:

"I thought it was pretty obvious watching the presentation that Finchem very much wanted Tiger to kiss the trophy and Tiger was making a point of not kissing it," said one...

In general, Tiger does not like to be pushed or forced to do anything, so this was his naturally contrary nature at work. But I also think he was sending a messag from himself and the players that the FedEx has not yet earned the kiss until some changes are made. As far as no coverage, I've seen it in several stories (Ferguson asked Tiger the question in the victory press conference and Tiger laughed it off), but perhaps it fell through the cracks at Golf World. "Snub" might not be the right word, but Tiger definitely defied Finchem.

Not quite, said another tour regular. Tiger's dissatisfied with aspects of the FedEx Cup, especially the deferred compensation, but this was not defiance.

He smooches the hardware when he wins majors. Don't know if he puts his lips on anything else that is awarded on an 18th green. As Finchem goes, I'd rate their relationship as a 4 on a 1-to-10 scale.

Not the hugs-and-kisses level for sure.

--Bob Carney