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Kirk Cousins has three words for you, and you'll NEVER guess what they are (just kidding)

With one 43-yard dime of a pass to Adam Thielen, and then another four-yard lob to Kyle Rudolph, Kirk Cousins completely erased the narrative that he can't win the big one. Sure, it was only the Wild Card game, but a NFL playoff win is a NFL Playoff win, and winning the game in the fashion Cousins did is the stuff of legend. He and Vikings fans have every right to puff out their chests, at least for another six days.

Cousins will be on to San Francisco by Monday morning, but in the immediate aftermath of his team's stunning upset over New Orleans, he was enjoying himself. You'll NEVER guess what he said during the locker room celebration.... Just kidding, I think you already know what he said:

Oh yes Kirk, we do like that.

For those who have been in hibernation since October 24th, 2015, Cousins famously screamed "YOU LIKE THAT?!" at a member of the media after orchestrating the largest comeback in Washington Redskins history on October 25, 2015. Cousins and the 'Skins trailed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 24-0 and rallied to win 31-30. Needless to say, the former Michigan State quarterback was pumped up.

Not surprisingly, Cousins waited for the perfect moment to break out "YLT?!" again, after his first playoff victory as a starter. Well done, Captain Kirk.