Every golfer routinely walks off the 18th green asking the "What if" questions:

What if I could’ve hit every tee shot like the one on the fifth hole?

What if I hadn't three-putted three times on the back nine?

What if I could hit all my iron shots like I did on the practice tee?

Your best golf comes when you hit your good shots more often, with predictability and confidence. In these videos, you'll learn the critical fundamentals for improving your consistency from the first tee to the last green, from a team of Golf Digest-ranked teachers.

Brian Manzella shows you how to groove a reliable drive—and then follow it up with a dead-solid iron shot. Erika Larkin explains how to get into the perfect setup so you can add consistency to your ball-striking. Iain Highfield's pre-shot strategies will free your mind of stress and clutter. And Kyle Morris lays out the technique the best iron players use to pure it into the greens, plus the habits good putters use to give every putt a chance to drop.

You'll come away from this series knowing more about your game, and how to get more out of it.


1 Developing a Go-To Drive

2 Hitting Consistent Iron Shots

3 Setting Up Perfect Every Time

4 Playing with a Fearless Routine

5 Syncing up Your Body and the Club

6 Rolling Putts on Line