Kenny Perry Redux

The non-controversial guy, Kenny Perry has stirred up some heat--mostly for John Hawkins, who took exception in his July 18 Golf World column to Kenny's skipping the British and got support from Curtis Strange. This letter is from E. A. Kilburn of Scottsdale:



John Hawkins and Curtis Strange should (a) get off Perry's back and (b) in retrospect, apologize for criticizing Perry's decision; to forego the Open Championship in Birkdale, a decision totally justified by events. Perry's characteristic shot is a high soaring draw. In the 35-40 mph winds that prevailed he would have had trouble breaking 90. With a right-to-left wind of that velocity he would have to aim at Scotland to have had any chance of his ball landing in Ireland! Strange's assertion that the course was favorable to American golfers was also belied by events. I think Jim Furyk or Anthony Kim may have finished in the top 20. Did any other American golfer finish that high? I don't recall, but no American finished in the top ten. >


Actually, Furyk, Kim and Ben Curtis all tied for 7th. Justin Leonard was T-16. And isn't Greg Norman American by marriage? I love this one from Mike Priebe of Novi, Michigan:


Give me a break. If I'm Kenny Perry and I'm mapping out my schedule, here's something that would not be in the top one thousand on my consideration list: "Gee, I hope I don't disappoint Curtis Strange."


Not to mention the really insulting, "Oh maybe you might have a chance to win a major since Tiger's out."

Note to Curtis.....mind your own bees wax and worry about your own schedule.

Clyde Huffman puts things in perspective. Kenny's big, but not Big Blue big...


Kenny Perry is definitely "The Man" in active professional golf now, while he will never be a Tiger, that is fine with KP. His goals were never structured around him as much as they were to provide for his family, and contribute to his many local charities, Christian college David Lipscomb in Nashville and support local golf near his hometown of Franklin, KY. This week KP is sponsoring a local scramble tournament, and taking time off the tour (I am sure someone is going to criticize him for this too), at his own Country Creek Golf Course with proceeds going to local high school golf teams. KP will be at the event, hitting shots and playing with the groups, and being available for autographs for everyone. A little different approach than Tiger takes, but KP is KP. And that is refreshing for professional golf.>

Since KP is finally receiving media attention, there are a few corrections to be made from the July 18th edition of GolfWorld. > E. Michael Johnson's article should've stated that Kenny Perry is in the Western Kentucky University Hall of Fame (don't know where the Western Georgia reference came from). And to respond to a reader's comment about Kenny's fame in Kentucky; I don't think we are ready to rate him in the same class as Big Blue Basketball. If Tiger were from Kentucky, he wouldn't even be in that company.>


Don't be surprised if ole KP answers his critics with a win at the PGA Championship. Been that kind of year.

--Bob Carney

(Photo: Kevin A. Cox, Getty Images)