In a romantic proposal, Keegan Bradley asks his girlfriend to... be his caddie at the Par 3 Contest

April 02, 2015

When it comes to seeing PGA Tour wives and girlfriends, the Masters Par 3 Contest is the Super Bowl of golf events. Significant others almost always serve as their guy's caddies that day and even get to show off their golf skills from time to time.

Keegan Bradley's girlfriend, Jillian Stacey, probably would have participated in the fun event that takes place on the eve of the Masters no matter what. But now she'll definitely be wearing a white jumpsuit at Augusta National after Keegan showed his romantic side with this proposal-like invitation:

Awww. And you thought Keegan was all about wearing Jordans and giving menacing stares at the hole when he's lining up a putt. Are those Masters-green flowers as well? Nice touch, Keegan.

Of course, "Will you be my caddy?" isn't exactly the question most girls dream their whole lives of being asked, but we -- and apparently, Jillian -- are impressed by the effort.