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Karrie Webb donated $50,000 of her Founders winnings to charity. Here's why that's especially cool

April 03, 2014

When Karrie Webb won the JTBC Founders Cup last week -- setting the course record along the way -- I thought: "Wow, she's been winning forever."

Well, maybe not forever. I was 4 years old when she won the 1995 Women's British Open, her first major, which means she's been winning for as long as I've known how to hold a club. A solid 19 years.

My sense of time and space may be a bit off, but Karrie's is not. And she proved it with the two donations she made with the $225,000 purse she earned with her win, as revealed by Karen Crouse in her recent New York Times article about Webb.

Webb gave $25,000 to LPGA-USGA Girls Golf and put another $25,000 towards a documentary about the founders of the LPGA. The symmetry of the donation is worth noting; she's giving a nod to those who gave her a tour to be a part of and a helping hand to those who are going to keep that tour alive.


Fittingly, Webb's win was her 41st LPGA victory, giving her a share of 10th on the all-time LPGA victory list. She's tied with Babe Zaharias, one of the most ridiculously talented female athletes in history -- not to mention one of those 13 women who founded the LPGA in 1950.