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Justin Verlander marries Kate Upton, stakes claim to having the best week ever

November 06, 2017

On Wednesday, Justin Verlander won a World Series. On Sunday, he got married. In Italy. To Kate Upton. In other words, the debate for who had the best week in 2017 is over.

Verlander shared this photo of the lovely couple walking down the aisle:

The star pitcher knew this date was coming for awhile after getting engaged to the supermodel in May of 2016. However, he didn't know it would come right on the heels of him winning his first World Series until recently. Verlander was shipped from the struggling Detroit Tigers to the Houston Astros at the absolute deadline of MLB's Aug. 31 trade deadline. And as baseball fans know -- especially Yankees fans -- Verlander helped lead Houston to its first World Series title.

Verlander's wedding date caused him to miss the championship parade, but kudos to him for at least scheduling the nuptials for after a possible World Series Game 7 -- which is what the Astros needed to knock off the Los Angeles Dodgers. And kudos to him as well for pulling off that bow tie.