Justin Timberlake

October 17, 2008

Your "feedback" on our November cover continues. A handful of letter writers are peeved that we would put Mr. Timberlake on the cover. Carole Rason is on of them. (And here we thought female readers might like the cover).



I just received my November issue of Golf Digest.You people must be hard up to put a picture of that â¿¿â¿¿.on the front page of your magazine. I will think twice before I renew my subscription.It was very tasteless of you to this.


Responding to a similar letter from another female subscriber on this blog, djuliano25 joins the chorus:


What is this People Magazine? And you claim that the reason he was put on the cover was it was your top muscians in golf article and he is a single digit golfer and owns a golf course. Maybe the criteria for who should be the cover should be based on the interests and demographics of your subscriber base and not pop culture. Off the top of my head I can think of two dozen people I find more interesting to put on your cover than a 20 something musician who does not relate to your subscribers. I would rather read about Top 100 politicians in golf, since this is a Presidential election year and the November issue, than read about Justin. At least we can complain that they are spending too much time on the course and not enough time taking care of the country. If your hope is to attract a younger audience start Teen Golf Digest and put him on the cover.


Hmmm. Teen Golf Digest. You might have something there, djuliano25.

I would recommend that both of you read Craig Bestrom's interview with Timberlake. Justin may not dress exactly like the "traditionalists" among us, but he's one of us--a dedicated, obsessed, can't-get-enough-of-it chopper.

And golf brings us all together, right?

--Bob Carney