Friendly Fire

Watch Justin Thomas nearly clobber his dad with his second shot of the day at the Scottish Open

It’s no secret that Mike Thomas and Justin Thomas are attached at the hip. Anywhere Justin goes, his dad, swing coach, and all-round inspiration is sure to follow. This approach has served the pair well over the years, but it does come with a few occupational hazards, which were on full display at the Scottish Open on Friday morning when JT nearly beaned his pops with his second shot of the day. Heads up, folks.

That’s Mike in all black with the mobile stool setup, watching as Justin’s smoked fairway metal missed him by inches. Justin, always one of the best ball-talkers on tour, made sure to ham it up for the mics.

“Oh, I’m going to hit my dad with my second shot of the day,” he said, putting some ye olde body English on the ball, hoping not to K.O. his dad nowheresville, Scotland. “Look I drilled him right in his chair!”

As it turns out he didn’t, but that’s all for the best. Not only would that have been the worst possible way to start the second round, but can you imagine trying to explain it to mom?