Not A Horse Guy

Please stop asking Justin Thomas about the Kentucky Derby just because he's from Louisville, people

This Saturday marks one of the best days on the sports calendar. Normally, NBA and NHL playoffs are in full swing, but this year, with COVID changing up the schedule, we'll be settling for end of regular season hoops and puck mixed in with plenty of baseball. And, of course, The Kentucky freakin' Derby, when every frat bro in America becomes a horse handicapper for a day.

As a huge sports fan, one would think Justin Thomas would fall into that category, too. Add in the fact he was born and raised Louisville, where the Derby is held at Churchill Downs, and boom, we've got ourselves a certified Horse Guy on our hands, right?

Ehh, not quite. During his Wednesday press conference at the Valspar Championship, a reporter asked JT for his Derby pick, hoping to get some inside info from the Louisville native. Thomas was very sorry to disappoint. 

"I don't [have a pick]," said Thomas. "It's so funny to me. Every single year on the Derby, all my friends text me because they think because I'm from Louisville I know everything about horse racing there is when in reality I don't. I don't know much. I can't give you some in-depth analysis, and if anybody is listening, don't text me because I don't know." 

Have to appreciate the honesty. Note to everyone: stop texting JT about horses. What's next? Asking him if he's an expert on wooden baseball bats?