"Just made double. Maybe I should be focusing on golf."

May 28, 2009

The above Twitter passage is not real, but it very well could be if LPGA commissioner Carolyn Bivens gets her way.

How else to respond to Bivens' comments today that she would encourage players on tour to Twitter during competitive rounds?

"I'd love it if players Twittered during the middle of a round," Bivens said in an interview with Bloomberg. "The new media is very important to the growth of golf and we view it as a positive, and a tool to be used."

Sure, Twitter has allowed professional athletes to draw their fans in closer -- and it's helped reveal a side of the likes of Stewart Cink that we probably never would have seen -- but actually featuring it in the middle of a round poses a healthy number of problems.

For instance, aren't cell phones and PDAs frowned upon during most competitions? And when would a player actually do it, while they're supposed to be focusing on their own shot, or while they're supposed to be serving as a marker for their playing partner?

Somehow you get the sense Old Tom Morris didn't face the same predicament. ("Aye lad, I didn't see your mashie because I was Twittering. Did you make four or five?")

Bivens said the LPGA is still awaiting word from the USGA to find out if Twittering could be legal during competition. Here's hoping it takes less than 140 characters for the game's governing body to tell them no.

-- Sam Weinman