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Jordan Spieth's David Feherty impression is fantastic

April 26, 2016

The fun shenanigans of #SB2K16 have been well documented, but now that it's over (It's over. . . right?), it's time to talk about the best part of this epic trip. And to us, that had to be the impressions of golf announcers done by the guys.

Smylie Kaufman showed his versatility by doing a pretty good Peter Kostis (Routinely referencing the Konica Minolta Swing Vision Camera) and Ian Baker-Finch. But Jordan Spieth stole the show, with his quick, but spot on David Feherty. Take a look and listen:

"He's more hammered than his drive!" That even sounds like something Feherty would say.

The NBC/Golf Channel announcer seemed to get a kick out of it as well:

Now there's an image you probably didn't want to think about. . .