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Jordan Spieth stumps golf world with rules question

March 05, 2016

Even when his name is not on the leaderboard, Jordan Spieth finds a way to make headlines.

According to Spieth, his putter has friction issues with greens when they get "shiny." So earlier this season, the 22-year-old began inquiring rules officials, commentators and fellow players if he was allowed to wet the bottom of his club in order for it to grab the ground.

And the verdict?

"Nobody knew the answer," Spieth said.

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Due to Doral's conditions, Spieth asked a rules official on Saturday if he could dampen his putter. After five holes of contemplation, tournament officials came back.

“It was a split on the decision,” Spieth remarked. “They called the [U.S. Golf Association] and said that the USGA was going to talk about it further but for now we’re going to rule that you cannot do it.”

It's often said Spieth does things on a golf course never seen before. Given that golf's rules officials are some of the most knowledge voices in the game, let's add this to the list.