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Jordan Spieth put together his own ping-pong table with his dad

January 06, 2016

It's a new year, but it's the same Jordan Spieth. The 22-year-old superstar hasn't played an official round yet in 2016, but he's already displayed why he's one of the most adored players on the planet on several occasions.

First, there was the photo of Spieth and his sister, Ellie, snorkeling in Maui:

Then, how about this comment at his Hyundai TOC press conference?

"This is one that we strive to make each year, and if I am eligible to play in this tournament and I'm not, I hope every single one of you calls me and bashes me for it."

And finally, the Spiethiest comment of 2016 so far when the World No. 1 was asked what he got for Christmas:

"I got a really cool ping-pong table from my parents. It was really hard to put together. It was really heavy. It's got to be legit. But we put it together, me and my dad. We had the screws out, we had the toolbox out, and we unpacked it and put it together."

Jordan Spieth assembles his own ping-pong tables? Of course he does.