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Jordan Spieth made some questionable choices in his NCAA March Madness bracket

March 17, 2016

There are plenty of "those guys" in your office NCAA March Madness pool. The guy who says his bracket is ruined by the third game of the tournament. The guy who says "I had that upset!" without adding the caveat that he filled out eight entries. The guy who provides deep-cut analysis on a No. 14 seed when you know damn well he can't name a single player on the team.

Judging by the bracket he posted via Twitter, count Jordan Spieth as guilty on a host of March Madness crimes:

Let's start out with the obvious: HE FORGOT TO FILL IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. Going out on a limb and saying that could impede his chances of winning his pool. Then he called Kentucky "KU", which I'm sure Wildcat Nation won't forget the next time Spieth visits the Bluegrass State.

Another head-scratcher was an Elite Eight matchup featuring No. 8 seed St. Joe's against No. 10 seed VCU, which seems a tad, um, brazen. To top it off, Spieth violated the aforementioned "I called that upset" rule with a mild humble-brag after the Baylor-Yale game.

Let's chalk this up to Jason Day's theory that Spieth's busy schedule is causing fatigue.