Laser Focus

Small child getting dragged away among number of distractions Jordan Spieth faced on this shot

While fans aren't fully back at PGA Tour events just yet, the small amount in attendance are making their presence felt each week. Look no further than Friday afternoon at the Valero Texas Open, where Jordan Spieth had to deal with a laundry list of fan distractions before playing a tricky shot right next to a cart path.

The craziness took place at the par-4 10th at TPC San Antonio, where Spieth’s tee shot was a bit off line and came to rest about an inch from the cart path. The large gallery following the three-time major winner surrounded the ball, and one volunteer put her arms up in an attempt to quiet everyone down as Spieth prepared to hit his approach.

Being the all-time good guy he is, Spieth politely asked her if she could put her arms down because of the shadow they were creating. Then, suddenly a kid’s voice could be heard asking “Are you going to do something stupid here?” All the while, everybody had their phones out ready to film Spieth’s strike. And you thought your buddy coughing in your backswing was a big distraction.

Despite all this chaos near Spieth’s ball, the real chaos was happening about 30 to 40 yards ahead, right in Spieth’s sight line. If you watch the very beginning closely, you’ll see a small child run underneath the ropes and fall down face first. Soon after, you'll see a man, who we presume to be related to the child, drag the poor kid by his feet back underneath the ropes:

This is one of those things that you feel bad laughing at, because a little kid getting dragged by his feet shouldn’t be funny. In this case, however, it is flat out hilarious. That guy's dad (or grandad) instincts kicked in and he just grabbed whatever he could and pulled. As you can hear, Spieth saw it too, and also couldn’t help but laugh.

After it all, Spieth settled in and hit a quality shot, eventually making par. More proof that the man is as locked in as he’s been in a long time these days.