Jordan Spieth just told one of the most epic big fish tales you'll ever hear

July 07, 2015

If this golf thing doesn't work out for Jordan Spieth, it looks like he might have a second career as a fisherman.

At his Tuesday press conference ahead of the John Deere Classic, Spieth was asked a lot about his decision to play the week before the Open Championship after winning the year's first two major championships. But his answer about a recent adventure on a boat in the Bahamas got most of the attention.

Here's Spieth regaling the media with a tale about a much different type of haul. Let's call it "The Young Man and the Sea." Take it away, Jordan:

"It wasn't even a fishing boat, there was no chair or anything, but they had the belt," Spieth said. "We hooked on a tuna, and I was hooked on a tuna for about 45 minutes to an hour. It was a big tuna, and then these little sharks were coming in trying to get a piece of it, and the captain was scaring them off banging on the boat and on the water, and all of a sudden it just rips back down again.

"I almost got pulled in."


"[The line] was so much heavier, and I was just like, 'Wait, these fish must have seen the sharks and just tried to avoid them,'" he said. "I found some extra strength or whatever, so we worked on it again. So in total, it was two and a half hours. I had to take a break.