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Jordan Clarkson's diet is an inspiration to us all

November 17, 2017

Recent articles from Bleacher Report and SB Nation have highlighted the vegan trend that's swept the NBA. But while plant-based diets for Damian Lillard and Kyrie Irving are paying dividends, there are still players whose diets resemble the regimens of drunk college kids on a Saturday afternoon. You know, diets that mirror the majority of Americans.

But unlike the masses that spend their nights watching sports, these guys are getting it done on the hardwood. Which is what makes Jordan Clarkson an inspiration to us all.

Asked about his food routine after a shootaround, the Lakers guard gave a very detailed look into his preparation:

Chicken for breakfast, Skittles for lunch and two daily naps. Did we mention Clarkson spends his nights playing for the Los Angeles Lakers? And well at that, leading the team with 15.8 points per game. In short, in this time of great madness and uncertainty, Jordan Clarkson is the hero we need.