The Loop

Johnson Working on Game and Menu

March 02, 2008

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. -- Zach Johnson still hasn't made up his mind what he's going to serve at the past champions dinner on Tuesday night at Augusta National during Masters week, though he has noticed the time is growing short. He remains committed to his Midwestern roots and figures corn and pork will probably work their way onto the menu. His wife, Kim, comes from the Florida Panhandle so there may be a little shrimp in the offing, too. "Some kind of surf and turf," he says.

As for his game, it's beginning to round into form but Johnson doesn't plan on doing much different in preparation for his defense. "I'll emphasize my wedges a little more and work on the speed of my putts," says the man who laid up on all the par fives and still played them 11 under par in 2007. "Nothing very different. It's worked before."

-- Jim Moriarty